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Hardware, Embedded Systems Artificial intelligence is still a long way from delivering the human intelligence in robot form that has long been common in science fiction.
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RE[4]: AI definitions
by Alfman on Sun 24th Jun 2012 17:30 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: AI definitions"
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"I am simply saying what I would expect from an intelligent AI. I am not talking about other animals but I think birds act smarter than the smartest computer characters(and birds aren't that smart)."

I think you're underestimating how accurately computers can simulate things - even to the point where you couldn't differentiate between the real and artificial intelligences. But the problem is the computer lacks a natural physical form and that's a dead give away for the AI. Normal people aren't accustomed to abstracting intelligent actions from their physical actors, but once you get used to doing that as we often do in CS, then you'll realise that most AIs are actually within reach.

Unfortunately technology isn't at a state where we can conceal supercomputers and their energy source within a natural body. While that's surely a disappointment to enthusiasts, the opposite is theoretically possible: taking real animal brains and wiring them up to a virtual, albeit limited environment. You could end up with real animals and AI animals interacting together and never suspecting that the other is different. We might even setup a scenario where a real animal has AI offspring, or visa versa.

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