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Hardware, Embedded Systems Artificial intelligence is still a long way from delivering the human intelligence in robot form that has long been common in science fiction.
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by REM2000 on Mon 25th Jun 2012 08:57 UTC
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Personally i think that AI in the vein of a thinking machine will become real. I think that most of the work to AI will almost be accidental and that our requirement for a better standard of living will create AI accidentally.

What i mean by this is that a lot of companies are creating very basic AI to power games, traffic systems and more recently mobile/smart devices, i.e. siri. I believe that evolution of these products will have the secondary effect of consciousness. The other big factor is in this is the internet, which is having more and more information pumped into it, with more logic and ai being built into it also (google search). Now these two entities (smart devices and the internet) are already connected allowing for them to interact more and more with each other and more importantly humans, allowing us to rub more and more off onto them.

I currently believe we are a couple of steps away from AI, the next step will be a massive overhaul of the way we interact with computers. We are reaching that point, but we need to reach a point where we interact with computers of all types in the same way they do in star trek, i.e. natural voice with understandings of complex commands and language syntax. Now i believe this is important as we again it allows us to rub a little more off into computers.

As for creating an AI system from scratch to compete with turnings requirements, the problem we have is that although the electric circuits run slower in the human mind, the human mind is massively parallel processing, so we will need something akin, something with not just 256 cores but something with 1000's of cores per chip. Watson demonstrated this with the 1000's of processing units.

From a software point of view we need an operating system or software that has the ability to learn, to not load everything the computer AI needs to know straight away, but a system which helps the AI learn the information itself. For example language, instead of loading a dictionary we need software that would allow the system to learn the language step by step.

I suppose once we get to a point with AI, the real question will be how do we use it, set it free, integrate it into our society? For that i would recommend reading Asimov's series of books, he's a better 'thinker' than me. ;)

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