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Microsoft I'm very thankful for Danny Sullivan writing this article, because it touches upon a subject I've increasingly been frustrated with: the inflation of the term 'hands-on'. Hands-on used to mean that a journalist, blogger, or reviewer got to properly use a device to get some sort of first impression, usually guided by some words from the manufacturer. These days, however, it seems as if even merely getting a glance at a device is regarded as a 'hands-on'.
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RE: Modern journalism is hands-off
by WorknMan on Mon 25th Jun 2012 18:00 UTC in reply to "Modern journalism is hands-off"
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Modern journalism is about repeating press releases and reporting on what spokesmen have to say.

Yeah, and reporting on whatever the tech rumor of the day is, without actually doing a bit of work to confirm any of it. As a result, calling any of these people 'journalists' is an insult to real journalists everywhere. It's like calling anyone who installs a USB printer on their PC a techie ;)

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