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Internet & Networking "If you are on Facebook but have never taken a particular shine to Facebook's e-mail capability, Facebook is intent on changing your mind. As of Friday, the company seems to have quietly given or replaced the display e-mail addresses of all of its users with an address, routing any e-mail communiques you would have received back to its own Messages inboxes." Scummy doesn't even begin to describe this.
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The cost of Facebook membership?
by fossil on Mon 25th Jun 2012 23:29 UTC
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How much does it cost? my understanding is approximately $0.00.

What else would anyone expect from a "social networking" site? Did FB ever promise to not to do something like this? If so, who believed it?

I rather wonder if this is legal, are they intercepting mail directed at other addresses and "pirating" it into FB? that might be illegal. On the other hand, do you not think that FB has spread around enough <strike>bribes </strike> campaign contributions to render themselves above the law?

"Nothing is to be had for nothing" Epictetus.

Like Lennie, I don't use this kind of crap, and feel no ill effects. Some of my friends are compulsively fixated on FB and obsess on what they think that others think about them. Puke.

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