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Internet & Networking "If you are on Facebook but have never taken a particular shine to Facebook's e-mail capability, Facebook is intent on changing your mind. As of Friday, the company seems to have quietly given or replaced the display e-mail addresses of all of its users with an address, routing any e-mail communiques you would have received back to its own Messages inboxes." Scummy doesn't even begin to describe this.
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RE: Oh, come on...
by ilovebeer on Tue 26th Jun 2012 15:04 UTC in reply to "Oh, come on..."
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Seriously, you call this a scam? They've changed their screen to hide personal email addresses by default - something people have been demanding they do for privacy reasons - and you're calling it a scam?

Indeed. Calling this a scam is stupid at best as it's absolutely not scamming people in any way.

Something else that is stupid is how people complain about Facebook's policies as if they are paying customers of the service. Proving minimal information about yourself does not make you a paying customer, you are still a voluntary user. These people also confuse what they _think_ is or should be, as a "right" they have, are owed, or deserve. ...No.

Sorry for the slight rant but this constantly recurring show of ignorance really gets old.

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