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Mac OS X "In the wake of the Flashback botnet which targeted Mac computers, Apple has removed a statement from its messages on its website that Mac operating system X (OS X) isn't susceptible to viruses." It was an untenable statement anyway. Security is an illusion.
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"Even if they get a proper configured OS, there are many stupid users that will just "Press this to..." when asked, regardless how good the OS is in regards to security.

Fun fact: This isn't true for Windows and other updates. ;)

If you mean, they refuse to "click here to install updates", then you're probably correct. The worst part about windows updates is that they often require a reboot (even under windows 7!).

How is it that malware writers are able to build malware that can dig into the deepest parts of the OS immediately after a user clicks a button (or even without that), while Microsoft can't even live-update their own OS properly and requires a full reboot?

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