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Google So yeah, Google totally just won the conference showdown by easily beating both Apple and Microsoft. Not only did Google announce Android 4.1 with some really cool new features, a cheap but non-crippled tablet, and a new Android device called the Nexus Q, but they also opened up pre-orders for Google Glass. So yeah.
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RE: Seriously?
by adkilla on Thu 28th Jun 2012 06:17 UTC in reply to "Seriously?"
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I keep getting the feeling that you and MollyC are MS trolls. I had a look at a lot of your comments lately and it seems like you really really want W8/WP8 to succeed and have an almost religious dislike for Android.

At least with the Nexus 7 announcement, I think it is a strategy is to get as many people to adopt Android tablets by giving it an attractive pricing. Since the updates come directly from Google, the experience should also be the best experience people could get for the money. I think this would be very encouraging.

The Kindle Fire on the other hand is not available outside the US. The Amazon ecosystem is also not available outside the US. So, to people outside the US (where the majority of people are), the Kindle means diddly squat to us. Nexus devices are available and sold outside the US. You can buy a Nexus device with contract on any carrier in APAC. I would get my hands on it with this attractive pricing.

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