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Google "Buried somewhat quietly in the noise of Google's spate of announcements today was an interesting fact: the Nexus Q, Google's new media streamer and first self-built consumer hardware, is being manufactured in the United States." Just getting their toes wet, for sure, but it's interesting it's Google making the first attempt to bring back production to the west. I won't comment on whether or not production should move back in the first place, but in all honesty, I expected Apple to be the one to make the first move here.
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by kurkosdr on Thu 28th Jun 2012 09:51 UTC in reply to "Comment by Kroc"
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The question is: Why all the good factories are in China and not in Europe or the US? It's not like Europe or the US cannot have factories.

Answer: If you make sure wages are miserably low, if you make sure no environmental regulations exist, and also make sure the system of government is a dictatorship so people cannot even complain, let alone change the situation, "good" (hi-tech) factories will come, because it's more cost-efficient for the guy that funds the construction of the factory. How can a country that respects their people and the environment (or at least respects their people and the environment more than China), can compete with this?

And you can just tell people "don't buy from China". If all the megacorps make their stuff in China, you can't.

If you live in a democracy and vote for a party that happily makes business with dictatorships, aka parties that do not have a clear "we will outlaw products made or partially made in dictatorships if we become government" written in their schedule, or worse don't vote at all, then you deserve to become unemployed.

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