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Hardware, Embedded Systems Herb Sutter, a software architect from Microsoft, gave a speech yesterday at In-Stat/MDR's Fall Processor Forum. Addressing a crowd mostly consisting of hardware engineers, he talked about how the software world was ill-prepared to make use of the new multicore CPUs coming from Intel and AMD.
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Works great here!
by Anonymous on Fri 28th Oct 2005 13:37 UTC
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I have been running a Dual CPU Athlon MP system for several years on Win XP Pro. Not a single problem, great responsiveness, and if I launch 7-8 programs, everything is still very fluid. Task manager shows processes divided between processors.

Anyone who claims windows does not do SMP obviously has not tried it.

I am so sick of reading the "MS Can't" bullshit all the time. I have tried Linux, and Mac OS X. I find Mac OS X above windows in features and useability, especially the "little things". However, its not worth the premium, and the incompatibility with things I use daily. But seriously, why all the hate?

Some of you act like Microsoft pulled you from your cribs as young children and molested you. Its sickening! Get over it, they are a corporate giant, and act like one. Show me one rosy corporate giant, that has never pulled underhanded things. You hate them all like you hate Microsoft?

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