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Google "Buried somewhat quietly in the noise of Google's spate of announcements today was an interesting fact: the Nexus Q, Google's new media streamer and first self-built consumer hardware, is being manufactured in the United States." Just getting their toes wet, for sure, but it's interesting it's Google making the first attempt to bring back production to the west. I won't comment on whether or not production should move back in the first place, but in all honesty, I expected Apple to be the one to make the first move here.
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RE: Seriously, who cares?
by WorknMan on Thu 28th Jun 2012 22:58 UTC in reply to "Seriously, who cares?"
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The limitations of this product are so glaring and out-of-touch with reality (compare Q @ $299 to Roku @ $60, for example) that it's obvious this is going directly into the dustbin of technology products that never should have been created.

Not necessarily:

You can already map physical controls to touch screen controls on Android, so 'wire' up a bluetooth controller to this thing, and you've got all kinds of games/emulators to play, not to mention all the apps you'll be able to run on it, plus the audio/video streaming from any Android device.

Not saying that it will sell a ton, but this thing is gonna be a hacker's wet dream ;)

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