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Google The second Google i/o keynote was far less fascinating than the first one. The web is abuzz about Chrome for iOS, but the fact of the matter is that this, like all other non-Safari iOS browsers, just a wrapper around Safari's WebKit - and, no access to Apple's Nitro, so worse JavaScript performance. Worse yet, you can't even set it as a default browser because Apple doesn't allow as such. In other words, the ability to sync your stuff with Chrome-proper is nice, but for the rest, it's just mobile Safari. Get it from the App Store. Google also announced Google Compute, yet another direct attack on Amazon.
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by The123king on Fri 29th Jun 2012 16:07 UTC in reply to "Doesn't show up"
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Chrome's nice, but it's nowhere near as feature-complete as iCabMobile especially for its usefulness on jailbroken devices. Feels just as restricted as Mobile Safari

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