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Apple Exactly five years ago today, Apple officially released its entry into the mobile phone market, the iPhone. Immediately loved by customers the world over, ridiculed by the competition, and, in my book, not particularly innovative feature-wise, it changed the mobile phone industry virtually overnight. Love the iPhone or hate the iPhone, its industry-changing impact is evident.
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RE: Impacts of the iPhone
by winter skies on Fri 29th Jun 2012 21:19 UTC in reply to "Impacts of the iPhone"
winter skies
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Impacts of the iPhone --

1- Greatly cut into iPod sales
2- Killed off Palm, put Nokia and RIM on the ropes
3- Killed off Microsoft's near-monopoly of
consumer OS sales
4. Popularized the smartphone

I agree.
And nothing except maybe #3 has had a good impact on my way of enjoying technology. It ultimately strongly threatened or even killed "bio-diversity", in terms of mobile operating systems.
I've been reflecting about this lately, and I realized there has never been such a deep discordance between my approach to devices such as smartphones or computers and what the mass market is dictating. It is sad for me, as an early smartphone adopter, that the world in which I've been growing up is changing for worse.
I know my definition of "worse" could be anyone else's definition of "better", this is only my take, and my fingers are not fluent enough in this foreign language to clearly express the reasons for my opinion.

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