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Windows HP has told Bloomberg reporter Dina Bass that the company has no plans to sell ARM-based Windows 8 tablets initially (thanks, The Verge) - it will only do x86 tablets. This may actually explain why Microsoft is getting into the business of selling its own tablets: other than Asus, not a single company has announced a Windows ARM tablet. Pretty abysmal start for Windows RT.
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This is old news
by Nelson on Fri 29th Jun 2012 22:19 UTC
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This has been known for a while, HP only really came out and admitted it today. It predates the Surface announcement.

Microsoft is purposely limited the launch OEMs for Surface because of the varying degrees of readiness of chipset support. A Tegra is wildly different from a Snapdragon which is different from an OMAP. A fact lost on some people when hearing the umbrella term "ARM".

IIRC, there are only a handful of OEMs given the green light for Windows RT. Nokia is presumably somewhere in the mix working with Qualcomm. I know ASUS is working with nVidea and Toshiba is working with TI.

I don't think Windows RT is as ready for prime time as people would like to think. It would explain the buggy demos, the limited hands on, etc.

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