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OSNews, Generic OSes "Whenever there is a conversation about the future of computing, is discussion inevitably turns to the notion of a 'File'. After all, most tablets and phones don't show the user anything that resembles a file, only Apps that contain their own content, tucked away inside their own opaque storage structure. This is wrong. Files are abstraction layers around content that are necessary for interoperability. Without the notion of a File or other similar shared content abstraction, the ability to use different applications with the same information grinds to a halt, which hampers innovation and user experience." Aside from the fact that a file manager for Android is just a click away, and aside from the fact that Android's share menu addresses many of these concerns, his point still stands: files are not an outdated, archaic concept. One of my biggest gripes with iOS is just how user-hostile the operating system it when it comes to getting stuff - whatever stuff - to and from the device.
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Files and Folders
by Yagami on Sat 30th Jun 2012 11:40 UTC
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Honestly I do not like files. ( its important to understand what i mean by files )

I CARE ALOT about files, and i mean really alot. The ammount i waste in organizing files, I would say i am the person that most care about files i know.

That said , I do not like its current implementation.

Its not the "file" that is important , but the content. I dont care if file is named A,B,C or stored in tar, tar.gz or etc. I dont really care at what type of file.

What i would really like was to be able to store and retrive content ( what is a "file" ? ) in a more "Database" way.

That , along with a "Git" way.... would be the way i would like to have my content stored.

So a way to have my content stored with links to another content, that relate to another content and be able to search and cross it with other contents ( Not hierarchical ). Also a way to be able to have a latest version of it, but have older versions, be able to share with other people , push and pull from and to other people.

To me the concept of files always has been related to how a computer works, not as intuitive and helpfull to a user. A way to solve a computer problem, not a user one.

So ... give me a database/git based "filesystem", and i would say goodbye to files anyday.

To better understand this post, i am criticizing files as "hierarquical files" implementation with no information as to the content other than filename and foldername it is on.

Please, if you are going to insult or just say you are much smarted than me ... please dont reply, its not the point of this post, to make me look smarter or dumber.

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