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Legal I stopped following all the patent trolling in the mobile industry months ago because, you know, I have a life, but apparently some big ruling just got handed down in the United States: using three software patents, a patent troll from Cupertino has been given an injunction on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus, imposing a ban on the device. This patent trolling has to stop, blah, blah, we've all been here before. If you need me, I'll be over there on the sofa remembering the good old days when Cupertino was famous for great products, instead of infamous for its patent troll.
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Boycott US products
by ozonehole on Mon 2nd Jul 2012 22:17 UTC
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Thom, I basically agree with your assessment that the USA's IP laws are undemocratic. It's also worth noting that the USA is determined to shove these rotten laws down the throats of the rest of the world.

It's not only IT stuff. I live in Taiwan, and the US government is giving us extreme pressure right now to drop a ban on the drug ractopamine because the US agribusiness lobby wants it. It's a food additive used to fatten cattle and pigs - it's banned in more than half the world's countries, including the EU. The USA has targeted Taiwan because they think our government is weak and will capitulate, and in fact they might be right. The Taiwanese public is nearly 100% opposed, but that doesn't bother the USA at all, they are determined to shove this down our throats. My response to this has been to boycott all beef, as well as all US food products, and I urge others to do so.

But back to IT. Thom, I'm pretty sure you've said in the past that you bought an iPad (or maybe it was an iPhone, or both, I can't remember). Well, may I suggest that from this point forward you refrain from buying anything made by Apple or Microsoft. Remember, all this software patent bullying by the USA is only happening because big American companies (ie Apple, Microsoft) want it. Let's not reward this rotten behavior by purchasing their products. The bullying will only stop when it starts hurting their finances.

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