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Google It was time somebody cleared that up: the oft-decried skins put by OEM and operators on Android are not responsible for the lateness or lack of updates. The truth is that skins are easy, hardware drivers are hard. That is not to say skins do not have other problems, or that the problem is unsolvable, but asking for "stock" Android OS is not going to help on the update front.
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RE: GPL to the rescue!
by 0brad0 on Mon 2nd Jul 2012 22:29 UTC in reply to "GPL to the rescue!"
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Ever notice that it's only the proprietary hardware drivers that have this problem? If your code is included in AOSP, it'll ship day and date with a new release.

The license itself is irrelevant for the situation. The drivers simply need to not be binary blobs but open and included upstream.

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