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Google It was time somebody cleared that up: the oft-decried skins put by OEM and operators on Android are not responsible for the lateness or lack of updates. The truth is that skins are easy, hardware drivers are hard. That is not to say skins do not have other problems, or that the problem is unsolvable, but asking for "stock" Android OS is not going to help on the update front.
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I dunno if this is possible, since the hardware vendors are probably using some proprietary code in their drivers, such as HTC's beats audio stuff. And I think I read somewhere that some of the tweaks they do to the stock camera used some licensed code as well.

Then end users will have to accept that 6 months after they buy their phone they might as well smash it into small little pieces given that'll be entirely useless after that point. Like I said, here we are in 2012 and as an iPhone I'm still receiving updates - but it seems that end users with an anti-Apple friend are more concerned with 'sticking it to the man' than getting the best value for money when they purchase a $1000 phone - yes, a HTC One X will set you back NZ$999 to buy the phone outright:

Why would you say that, since Microsoft has already said that Windows Phone 7 users will not be getting the Windows Phone 8 upgrade? Seems the WP7 crowd is in an even worse spot than the Android crowd.

Windows Phone 7 devices were never promised to be able to receive an upgrade from Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 7 is a platform, then Windows Phone 8 is a new platform - the hardware specifications and requirements are different hence you don't receive an upgrade. With that being said you'll receive Windows Phone 7.8 which is a damn sight better than Android vendors that can't even be bothered providing an upgrade form 4.0.0 to 4.0.3. Heck, here in New Zealand we're still waiting for Android updates to the latest minor revision.

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