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BeOS & Derivatives Michael Lotz added code to generate QR-code for the KDL (Kernel Debug Land) ouput (which pops up when the kernel crashes). No more blurry photos with debug output, but a QR code which decodes to the clear-text KDL debug output. Here's one of the relevant commits, an example showing a QR code, and text from decoded sample QR code.
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by phoudoin on Tue 3rd Jul 2012 09:33 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: WTF IS THIS SHIT"
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I dunno maybe I think it is better to fix the root cause of the problem then to make a barcode and then use that as a debugging tool.

Just Saying.

That's chicken and egg: how do you fix the root cause of most kernel panic in an OS without having solid crash reports in the first place?!

Promise, when Haiku kernel will be rock solid, we'll remove the qrcode feature and use instead a disk log writer. Happy?

BTW, why keeping a kernel disk log writer if your kernel don't panic anymore at all? Why instead of making Windows BSDO multi-langugage aware Microsoft don't fix the root cause of these BSODs in the first place?

Simple answer: because kernel developers needs it.
Now please, let's move on.

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