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Legal So let me get this straight. Nokia claims that the Nexus 7 infringes upon standard essential wifi patents, and that Asus does not have a license. How in the name of hell is it possible that Asus has been shipping a gazillion wifi-enabled products every year for god knows how long now, and only now does Nokia notice? Wait - of course. Silly me. If you can't compete, litigate. D'oh.
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RE[2]: So?
by Nelson on Tue 3rd Jul 2012 10:22 UTC in reply to "RE: So?"
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So, why not come to Asus in the past decade or so Asus has been shipping wifi products? Why now? And with an Android product specifically? After a Microsoft man takes over Nokia? I'm sure it's all coincidence!

Two things. First, they've made no indication they're actually going to sue. This is in response to questioning. They simply confirmed ASUS and Google are not licensees.

Second, Nokia has discretion to assert its patents whenever it feels like it. Why is Motorola waiting until now to sue over FRAND? Because it feels like it.

If you're defending yourself from patent trolls like Apple and patent mafia like Microsoft... It sucks they're using FRAND-stuff, but considering it's a defensive move, it's understandable.

Unbelievable that you can defend such an egregious abuse of software patents. You talk about the evils of software patents, well this is arguably the most nefarious.

Let's see.

1) Nokia can't compete. The company is in a massive downwards spiral.
2) They are litigating.

So yes.

They are not litigating. Motorola is. Your statement, and this article is inaccurate. Of course, I don't expect you to admit you're wrong. You never do.

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