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OSNews, Generic OSes Some weeks after Neal Walfield implemented POSIX semaphores for libpthread, Marcus Brinkmann has now implemented SysV shared memory for the GNU Hurd in glibc, based on some earlier work done by Neal. This was probably the last commonly used POSIX feature missing in the Hurd, and having shared memory available will make several programs work much better.
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RE[3]: Does someone even want it?
by orestes on Sun 17th Jul 2005 01:25 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Does someone even want it?"
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The 30+ year old design of *nix has fundamental design flaws that are too deep to fix. There's only so much you're going to be able to tack onto the old infrastructure before it becomes totally unworkable. The Hurd (started in 1985, BTW) is one of several attempts to fix those fundamental design flaws. It has little if anything to do with RMS's feelings toward Linux.

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