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Google The Verge reviewed Android 4.1, Jelly Bean. "Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is one of the best products Google has ever produced. It's fast, fluid, and beautifully designed. It also does a better job of unifying all of Google's disparate services than anything else the company has ever offered. Everything from the Chrome browser, Google+, Maps, Gmail, and most of all Google Search - in the form of Google Now - is tightly integrated into a user experience that outshines even the company's web properties."
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Android passed iOS with 4.0
by pooo on Tue 3rd Jul 2012 19:16 UTC
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I wasn't expecting to feel this way but after using both Android and iOS daily for the last few months, the Android experience is actually much more integrated, consistent and intuitive which goes completely against the common wisdom.

I have been using a totally stock Android 4.0 which I think most people don't (or can't) use so maybe that is where this misconception that iOS is nicer comes from. Or maybe it is just a historical thing since prior to ICS, Android wasn't as good and most people are still not using Android.

Aside from having a few more apps, I found Android to be more stable and, if you are using google's ecosystem of services (gmail, calendar, docs, etc) the integration on iOS if frankly terrible by comparison.

Also, the main default apps on iOS (maps, email, browser) are a joke compared to their Android counterparts (especially maps!)

I'm not making any broader point about Android in general vs iOS since clearly Android has a fragmentation problem and most people aren't using 4.0+. I'm just saying that head to head, stock ICS and JB wipe the floor with iOS.

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