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Legal In the Used Soft GmbH v. Oracle International Corp. case, the Court of Justice of the EU ruled today that it is okay to resell software, regardless of clauses in the software license. This is a pretty big deal, and further affirms that a software license is not necessarily binding. Great news for European consumers.
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RE[3]: Great
by Soulbender on Wed 4th Jul 2012 06:15 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Great"
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Except that there's really no way to force you to stop using it, aside from some invasive DRM.

There's no way to stop me from ripping my CD's to flac and then selling my collection yet it's not illegal for me to sell my old CD's. There's no way to stop me from photocopying my books and then selling them yet it's not illegal for me to sell the books I own.

Honestly, I wouldn't blame developers for being against this.

That's besides the point. I'm sure book publishers would love it if it was illegal to sell old books so that everyone had to buy new books all the time but that doesn't mean we should implement such a law.

Heck, if I bought a digital copy, I could sell it to hundreds of people for $20 a piece and make myself a nice bit of cash

You can do that regardless if it's legal to sell your old software or not. Making it legal to sell your own copy does not make copyright infringement legal.

Only thing stopping me is whatever DRM they have built into the product.

That's what they have to do then but it should not be illegal for me to sell my old software.

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