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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia board chairman Risto Siilasmaa went on a Finnish television show, and stated that while he is confident in Windows Phone 8, the company does have a back-up plan if it doesn't work out. Speculation aplenty - what is this backup plan? The answer's pretty easy, if you ask me.
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RE[6]: Yes please
by plague on Wed 4th Jul 2012 16:48 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Yes please"
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Because neither Maemo, Moblin nor MeeGo had any significant marketshare and they all were killed off.

Maemo and Moblin which became MeeGo where killed BEFORE hitting the market. They where not even sold in most of the larger markets. There was no marketing and no support from Nokia. And yet it sold better then there one and only non burning platform Windows Phone which had the biggest amount of marketing-$, support from Microsoft and Nokia and reentered the US market.

Just look at Maemo, Moblin and MeeGo.. All of them pretty much dead in the water.

Cause Nokia killed them before they hit the market.
Not entirely true, Maemo was sold on the Nokia N series up until MeeGo on the N9.

Which was not a consumer device for the mass-market but explicit targeted developers. The N9 was the very first consumer device for the mass-market and it got killed by its parent before it hit the consumer mass-market. [/q]
I disagree there. The N900 with Maemo was available for the general public, although in a somewhat limited capacity. But it was available in stores here on the tiny island in Sweden where I live.
But how does that differ from how the N9 turned out?
I don't even think the N9 was available here at all to be honest.
I know the N9 was _intended_ for the consumer mass-market before beeing killed off, but the N900 probably would have been aswell if the smartphone market had been what it was when the N9 was designed. Back then, it was still just a select few who actually had a smartphone. It was starting to change with iPhone and Android devices, but they were still considered premium devices, as was the N900. So one could argue that the reason the N900 wasn't _intended_ for the consumer mass-market, was beacuse hardly any smartphone was at the time.

Anyways, it's just my opinion, I could be wrong. ;)

But why start off fresh with Tizen? Why not continue MeeGo with another partner? Or why not continue Moblin with another partner?
It just seems like a stupid decision to start all over again. It's like that community project (Maemo, Moblin, MeeGo, Tizen) is stuck in development/reinvent-the-wheel/not-invented-here-syndrome hell.

There I could not agree more. The NIH-syndrom in action. You even saw that in Nokia when they made Meltimi. It did not build up on MeeGo but was done from scratch and yet people wonder why it took them so/to long to finish.
Aaah the stupidity of company executives, gotta love it.. /sarcasm ;)

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