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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia board chairman Risto Siilasmaa went on a Finnish television show, and stated that while he is confident in Windows Phone 8, the company does have a back-up plan if it doesn't work out. Speculation aplenty - what is this backup plan? The answer's pretty easy, if you ask me.
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RE[4]: backup plan
by cdude on Wed 4th Jul 2012 16:55 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: backup plan"
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You're right. It's less than nothing. Software generally gets open sourced because a company doesn't know what to do with it and consortia and alliances are where platforms go to die.

Some companies do. Others have other reasons. In Nokia's case I think they bought and opensourced Symbian for the same reason they changed the license of Qt from GPL to LGPL. The idea was to accelerate development, to make the technology more attractive, to improve adoption and investment and hence profit from it cause that's what they build up there strategy on.

There are a few examples where software got opensourced to make the software more attractive and accelerate development and adoption adn where it worked out well., Netscape which was the base for Mozilla which became Firefox, Bender, Apache and so on.

"Do not forget that Symbian was number #1 OS having even more sales then its two closed competition together and Symbian did grow when Elop took over!

That's what lots of people were saying a few years ago when many, including me, were predicting the writing on the wall that we see now.

You saw that Elop was about to kill Nokia? You saw the Symbian/MeeGo end coming and that Elop would put all its eggs on WinPhone7? When you predicted that can you provide a source where you did predict all that to happen when Elop took over?

"Elop was correct. Its all about the ecosystem. He just did not realize that Symbian was the mobile ecosystem #1 when he took over.

Elop wasn't correct and wasn't going to recognise anything. He was there to put Windows on phones.

You need to differ. When Elop did that he made a few points to argue why its needed. Its the arguments why Nokia's current platforms where all burning that I question. I do not think there is anybody left who agrees that the conclusion made out of that arguments what needs to be done, WinPhone7 only and kill everything else, where all wrong. Even Nokia itself realized that what is why they "leak" details about there new, after WinPhone7, strategy. The plan B which according to Nokia from some weeks ago does not exist and now does exist.

So, let's look at the arguments he made why everything that made Nokia big and the whole Qt-strategy and the whole Symbian/MeeGo platforms where under fire. So bad under fire that the whole Nokia was sitting on burning platforms and only jumping away from them would save the Nokia. I do question this arguments. I do question that Nokia would be where it is today when they keeped course and completed the Qt Symbian/MeeGo strategy.

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