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Google So yeah, Google totally just won the conference showdown by easily beating both Apple and Microsoft. Not only did Google announce Android 4.1 with some really cool new features, a cheap but non-crippled tablet, and a new Android device called the Nexus Q, but they also opened up pre-orders for Google Glass. So yeah.
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RE[8]: Seriously?
by zima on Wed 4th Jul 2012 23:59 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Seriously?"
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but they are years away from having The Real Thing if this is all they have right now

Many years.

What eye-displays seem to be primarily good at is giving people headaches
...unless they have optical systems which make their size, weight and costs non-trivial (much above 1,5k; like even the newest on )

What people imagine, what people want (yeah... ), will be probably possible around the time of holographic displays (by the virtue of tech with pixels comparable to the wavelength of light - essentially also perfect optical surfaces; I mention such eye-display usage in ) ...but that's at least few decades away.
Laser projection on the retina should be earlier - but that's still quite some time away; plus not what people expect and want, likely quite "schematic" and monochromatic, in plausible consumer implementations.

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