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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The only MeeGo device to ever be released, the Nokia N9, has been updated to MeeGo/Harmattan 1.3. Among the improvements are improved performance, updated applications, improved NFC support, improved copy/paste, and more. In other news, the team behind MeeGo and Maemo is now leaving Nokia, probably making this the last update for the N9.
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RE[2]: End of a dream
by cdude on Thu 5th Jul 2012 10:36 UTC in reply to "RE: End of a dream"
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Nokia wasn't healthy for a good few years already, and some people predicted the downfall ...

It was the market-leader bigger then it's 2 closed competitors together(!), when Elop took over. Nokia was generating healthy profits and the profits where growing!

Now, a bit more then a year later, Nokia is down to its all time low, rated junk, generates billion $ loses, is down to way below 10% marketshare and is in deep cash problems.

How it all happens fairly rapidly, recently, is mostly an unravelling of long-present downward spiral

No, it is a classic management failure. In our history there never ever was a company that lost so fast so much. No single company across ALL industries (not only mobile or tech) ever died that fast. This is a all-time world-record. You cannot reach that with doing nothing. You need to apply and execute a series of fatal actions to make that active happen.

And about those layoffs, largely also in Nokia manufacturing plants ...we decided we don't want to pay for something made in ~Western fabs, not more than for toys made in East Asia.

Its not like they only moved there factories or development somewhere else. They did not. They closed factories, research and development WITHOUT any replacement.

Maybe its correct that today to continue to compete you need to produce in Asia like Apple does and like, btw, Nokia did with the Lumia too. The N9 was made in Finnland and sold, compared with the Lumia, which was made in cheap factories in Asia (resulting in the famous and ueber-expensive Lumia 900 bug), with profit for Nokia.

But they did not. They stopped research and development! As WinPhone reseller you may not need research and development but then you will stay a reseller and not more. That is what Nokia just did. They downgraded themself from the mobile market-leader to a mass-product (noone likes to buy) reseller in a little over a year under Elop's management!

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