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Google Apparently, this is a major victory of the patent system. This, this right here, this is what the patent system has come to. This is the destructive effect it's having on this once beautiful industry. Thanks to trolls like Apple and Microsoft, basic, elemental functionality is being removed from devices people already own.
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Google should license the patents
by tomcat on Thu 5th Jul 2012 11:39 UTC
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Look, I'm no fan of the patent system, but it's not going away. Google ignored the fact that implementing software without regard to other companies' IP -- without indemnifying carriers -- basically hangs the carriers out to dry. That's wrong. Google should own its responsibility for implementing the software the way that it did, and license the offending patents. Lets not kid ourselves. Apple is using the system in precisely the same way that Google would use it -- if Google owned the IP. Complaining about how Apple is behaving won't help. Google could solve this problem now, if it really wanted to. But it would cost a lot of money. Google clearly doesn't want that expense, but that's the price of operating in this litigious market.

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