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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The only MeeGo device to ever be released, the Nokia N9, has been updated to MeeGo/Harmattan 1.3. Among the improvements are improved performance, updated applications, improved NFC support, improved copy/paste, and more. In other news, the team behind MeeGo and Maemo is now leaving Nokia, probably making this the last update for the N9.
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RE[3]: End of a dream
by zima on Thu 5th Jul 2012 11:50 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: End of a dream"
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It was the market-leader bigger then it's 2 closed competitors together(!), when Elop took over. Nokia was generating healthy profits and the profits where growing!

It was the "market leader" in number of shipped units... not that good with profit margins for quite some time, also when taking into account specific device segments of course (because it obviously doesn't make sense to compare S30 and iOS devices); insisting to look at some slice of a time period when profits were growing still didn't make their absolute value look good.

And a "market leader" in funds spent on R&D (and no, excluding the network division - looking only at consumer OS, handsets, services, and such), with horrible proportions of that amount to returns; suggesting highly dysfunctional structure that was around for a long time before Elop.

But yeah, blame Canada ;) - or the Canadian, in this case... But seriously, it's not that Elop didn't make gross errors (for one, isn't "Eloped" the new & stronger variant of Osbourne effect?) or even pursued debatable goals (still, remember he would be specifically brought in to do them by the board, largest shareholders), and it's not that Nokia wasn't a major player (still is) - but this B&W narrative, as if Nokia wasn't in deep trouble prior to him, is getting old.
It was a long running management failure, at many levels (we know of few Nokia divisions essentially infighting each other, you think lowly employees weren't involved in pushing their pet darling to the detriment of other projects?)

(BTW those who predicted the downfall for a long time - there's for example Eldar Murtazin from ...and notice, on the main page, that he doesn't have a problem with also calling Elop a traitor in his #176 EN editorial; didn't have a problem to praise some device from Nokia if it deserved it)

Its not like they only moved there factories or development somewhere else. They did not. They closed factories, research and development WITHOUT any replacement.

Right, as if Nokia didn't have their own activities in China... (that includes not only their own manufacturing - which can't be just moved so fast, so of course they'll depend on 3rd parties - but also quite sizeable, quite new R&D center - one which, IIRC, undergoes expansion recently)

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