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Google Apparently, this is a major victory of the patent system. This, this right here, this is what the patent system has come to. This is the destructive effect it's having on this once beautiful industry. Thanks to trolls like Apple and Microsoft, basic, elemental functionality is being removed from devices people already own.
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What Google and Samsung should do
by darknexus on Thu 5th Jul 2012 16:35 UTC
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They should push out a notification with this update, stating exactly why this is being done. In fact, every time they are forced to do something like this, they should push out a notification. It can be stated in such a way as to be 100% fact, and thus they wouldn't be able to be sued for defamation or slander. Something like:
Due to a ruling handed down in (insert court case number here), the court has found that Apple has valid patents on (insert feature here), and we must remove this to comply. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Obviously, I don't advocate limiting this to Apple alone. Any time they are forced to remove a feature over stupid software patent bullshit, they should use such a notification informing the user what the feature is, and who is responsible.
Face it, the only way we'll ever see a change is to make non-techies aware of exactly what's going on. Most people will get this downgrade and not have any idea why. They'll be pissed off and, in all likelyhood, go after the wrong parties. They need to know that it is Apple causing the trouble, else Google and/or Samsung might be facing a class action in the future undeservedly.

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