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Google Apparently, this is a major victory of the patent system. This, this right here, this is what the patent system has come to. This is the destructive effect it's having on this once beautiful industry. Thanks to trolls like Apple and Microsoft, basic, elemental functionality is being removed from devices people already own.
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"It's clearly not the case worldwide."

Six figure SE salaries aren't easy to come by in the US either. I think software engineering salaries are more highly skewed than other professions. Some are doing extremely well, but others not so much. According to, the US median is $62k. The New York City median is listed at $87k. That's still pretty good, but I think we're entering an economy where established employees are maintaining their high wages at the expense of new entrants who struggle to land a good job. We've been hit by some severe layoffs, hiring freezes and consolidations, all the while universities are pumping out a hundred thousand new grads each year - there just aren't enough jobs to keep up.

Sorry about the OT rant, I've just been frustrated with my job search is all. If anyone has connections to a 6 figure SE job, I'd love to be given the chance to prove my worth.

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