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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The only MeeGo device to ever be released, the Nokia N9, has been updated to MeeGo/Harmattan 1.3. Among the improvements are improved performance, updated applications, improved NFC support, improved copy/paste, and more. In other news, the team behind MeeGo and Maemo is now leaving Nokia, probably making this the last update for the N9.
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RE[6]: Comment by shmerl
by dsmogor on Thu 5th Jul 2012 20:03 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by shmerl"
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>Looks pretty much like Maemo... especially since >there's more to ecosystem than maps and music
Does it? I think I outlined the differences quite clear.
Want to know other ecosystem elements? Here you are:
- payment (including carrier billing that nobody else had)
- advertising
- app store ( biggest when you remove Google and Apple, absolutely biggest in non-english speaking countries).
As for the looks, well you don't want to compare Nokia industrial design skill HP, do you? True, HP phones weren't

>IDE situation one way or the other didn't seem to make a difference for devs -
as long as some basic standards are met you're right, however I don't think I have seen any decent JS ide that could live up to C++ and Java standards. As for Bada I can't really say. Their C++ library seems to be quite old fashioned.

>And what does it change WRT its potential market performance? (anyway, Android and WP also go pretty low, even lower, when it comes to hw)

WP7 downscalling comes at price of basic functionality.
Remember that in general QT ecosystem included Symbian who would cover low ends that WP (and Android) will not touch for a long time.

> The Android and iOS were (and are) a real danger (and that Nokia will go with the former), Meego was hardly on the radar.
Of course it's not, it haven't even started.
IOS and Android are and will dominate for years to come. I was talking about the race for 3rd ecosystem. Nokia made a big mistake to treat N900 as an experiment. However, by the time N9 arrived (initially Q1 2011) they could have a shot.

> Seriously, this is the kind of magical thinking I point out.
What amount of magic thinking made Elop bet the farm on MS stopgap, smartphone like OS, that was obsoleted 0.5 year after their decision? What amount of it made so called analysts predict 20% market share for it by now?

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