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Legal Since I want to get this out of my system: here's a set of proposals to fix (okay, replace) the current failing patent system. No lengthy diatribe or introduction, just a raw list.
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Various suggestions
by torbenm on Fri 6th Jul 2012 07:12 UTC
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First, a remark: What Apple used to fight the Samsung Galaxy design was not a patent but a design claim similar to what furniture and fashion makers use to protect against copies. So this has nothing to do with patents.

I think a better solution than all the proposed is that an inventor (person or corporation) should be required to document the expense they had in developing the invention. This would then be used in determining a maximum license cost and the period of protection. The documentation can be challenged in court in the same way that the originality of a patent can. Corporations should have stronger requirements for documentation than individuals.

This way, pharmaceutical patents that are based on years of developments and clinical trials can have long protection and high license costs, but a patent for, say, a magnetic power plug would have shorter protection and lower license costs.

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