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Legal Since I want to get this out of my system: here's a set of proposals to fix (okay, replace) the current failing patent system. No lengthy diatribe or introduction, just a raw list.
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by MOS6510 on Sat 7th Jul 2012 07:27 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: ..."
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Wouldn't it be much easier just to ignore those people?

I can understand you'd like to strike back when people attack you, certainly if it's unfounded, but it doesn't help and just makes things worse.

If you really want to reply in such a case do it politely. It makes you look more intelligent. When you explain the how and the why people can take it or leave it, but if you're rude or insulting you just provoke more nasty replies.

Now I know I haven't always been overly nice to you, but I do appriciate the time and energy you put in and know a lot of people fail to understand this.

To have an extra active person on board would help, the site and you personally.

I am a bit shocked about personal threaths against you and your family. Time for an aangifte.

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