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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla has announced it's ceasing development on Thunderbird; one more version will be released, and it'll be security updates from then on. "Most Thunderbird users seem happy with the basic email feature set. In parallel, we have seen the rising popularity of Web-based forms of communications representing email alternatives to a desktop solution. Given this, focusing on stability for Thunderbird and driving innovation through other offerings seems a natural choice." Makes sense - I mean, there's only so much you can do with something that needs to send and receive mail, and I can't imagine Thunderbird having a lot of users. Strange, almost Microsoftian obtuse announcement, by the way.
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RE[2]: Convenient timing.
by reez on Sat 7th Jul 2012 14:57 UTC in reply to "RE: Convenient timing."
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There are other proper mail clients outthere ;)

Well, I was a long time Claws-Mail user, but recently switched to Thunderbird because of better IMAP support and a calender addon that looked interesting.

It does some things better and some things worse. I've also been using console clients, but it can be annoying, especially when you receive lots of pictures from people that are not into computers.

So what alternative is there?

I actually hope that there will be a really good web application some day. Something I can install on my web server, but maybe over some nice interface and HTML5 (as in the related technologies not just the ML) magic acts more like a local app and handles certificates and stuff well. Sadly most web interfaces are still using very old approaches and/or don't really support most of IMAP. This actually makes me sad. Be it a web app or not there are few that for example support everything that would be supported. A reason might be that they don't use a common library, but usually develop their own stuff. I am not too much into that and I know IMAP isn't really loved by developers, but I guess emailing could be much better if there was some consolidation.

Maybe someone here knows why many things just seem unfinished, while a lot of people, lots of them developers are annoyed by this fact.

(Sorry, if there is much nonsense in here and please correct me. I am really not much into these things.)

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