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Legal Since I want to get this out of my system: here's a set of proposals to fix (okay, replace) the current failing patent system. No lengthy diatribe or introduction, just a raw list.
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by MOS6510 on Sun 8th Jul 2012 07:34 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: ..."
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It's also a personal soapbox for every single person who posts a comment, you and I included. I don't see a difference, especially since anyone is free to submit stories.

Submitting your own news kind of defeats the purpose of coming to a site to read news, but I understand what you mean.

That's an overblown exaggeration, and hypocritical to your point as well. Thom is the most prolific editor by far, but if he were to leave there are quite a few others who could step in. The feel of the site would change just as with a band whose lead singer leaves, but I don't think there would be a mass exodus.

One or two could, but how many would? If Thom walks and two others step in things will change quickly, people will cheer, make jokes at Thom's expense. The Two have great plans and we want to see them happen. Then One gets a new job, promises he'll be back, but won't. The Other finds out it's much more work than expected and spends days wondering how Thom managed it, then he quits too.

Then people whish for the Thom Days, because they weren't that bad.

Well, it may go like this, it may not, but I do think people underestimate the ammount of time Thom spends and not many are either able or willing to do the same.

"It would have helped if Thom was somewhat technical savvy.

Now you're just straight up trolling.

Perhaps I should have said technical interested. He's a user, his interest goes to the outside of stuff, the GUI of something. And towards stuff around tech, politics, business. Maybe stuff that's very important and should be on anyone's radar, but I don't think the real tech lover cares much for court cases.

That would be pretty much all of the OSNews staff as well as most of the commenters.

To me it seems most people are biased, even to such a level that any discussion is impossible. It seems every comment section now has the word "fanboy" embedded somewhere.

From what I've seen, Thom rarely even responds to personal attacks, especially baiting ones. When he does it tends to be from the standpoint of "whatever, let's get back on topic", which is how it should be.

My perception is different, but let's not argue about that. Wheter it's Thom or any other OSNews official, I think they shouldn't be rude to commenters.

Thom and I tend to disagree a lot, despite common interests. I'm also sick of the whole patent thing and I'm not happy to see it return to prominence here (though I agree with all of his points in the editorial). But launching a personal attack against him is just not cool especially from someone like you, who I personally have come to respect and enjoy talking to here. And as much as I really meant that last bit, you aren't forced to come here. I quit reading Slashdot because of the rampant idiocy there; if you have a problem with this website why stick around?

I'm retro, I came to this site way before Thom and sometimes interesting stuff does show up and we have an interesting crowd that may share interesting views of interesting stuff.

I too respect/enjoy you and agree with the article, but like I said before it should be important to us, but it also shouldn't. If this was SpaceNews Thom would write about how NASA is waisting money, how the Mars Rovers aren't innovative and people would comment that warp drives were already invented in the 60's. Probably true, intesting, important, but we want to see black holes, Mars panoramas and chat with Voyager 2.

There is a LOT of interesting stuff going on, we don't want patents every day even though one day they may destroy the world.

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