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Google Fantastic initiative by Google. Anna Peirano details: "Google is launching a new campaign called 'Legalize Love' with the intention of inspiring countries to legalize marriage for lesbian, gay, and bisexual people around the world. The 'Legalize Love' campaign officially launches in Poland and Singapore on Saturday, July 7th. Google intends to eventually expand the initiative to every country where the company has an office, and will focus on places with homophobic cultures, where anti-gay laws exist." As proud as I am of living in the first country to legalise same-sex marriage, it's easy to forget we only did so in 2000. Also, it's about time the large technology companies of the world started using their power, reach, and money to do good. Hopefully, this initiative will transcend company boundaries, uniting them behind a common, noble goal.
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A few thoughts
by darknexus on Sun 8th Jul 2012 18:47 UTC
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First, I don't believe this is something Google should be getting involved with. They're a technology company, not an advocacy group.
More importantly, I have another idea on how to deal with this mess. We don't need to legalize gay marriage, nor any other type of marriage. What we need to do is to separate the concept of Marriage and that of civil partnerships. Marriage, by definition, is a religious observance and therefore should be controlled entirely by your religion, if you have one. That means that the concept of "gay marriage" as it is commonly referred to would be dependent on which religion you are a part of. A marriage, however, would not gain you the same type of benefits as a civil partnership. I would define this concept as what marriage can give you now: right to visit at any time in hospitals, joint bank accounts, etc. These two would be by no means exclusive, but nor would they be connected. A civil partnership could be between two (or more, if that's what you want) people be they men, women, or a combination. Marriage would then be entirely outside the domain of your government and only observed within your church or religion. I think that would neatly solve this problem once and for all, assuming we can get the religious conservatives who think that faith should control everything out of our way.

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