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In the News Interesting charts by Horace Dediu: "As a result the Mac began to whittle down the advantage Windows had. The ratio of Windows to Mac units shipped fell to below 20, a level that was last reached before Windows 95 launched. It's as if the Mac reversed the Windows advantage. This was an amazing turnaround for the Mac. But the story does not end there." Too bad Dediu didn't include Android devices in his charts. The picture would change dramatically, and would downplay the important of either Windows or Mac/iOS. We're in a three-horse race - not the two-horse race Dediu paints.
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by mkone on Mon 9th Jul 2012 22:31 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by ilovebeer"
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Fashion victims hey? This superiority rubbish can really grate. I suppose you are the superior human being who is unswayed by these fashion. It's one thing to not like something. It's quite another to dismiss a whole section of society buying something as essentially stupid.

Tablets are useful for people. I was on the plane today. I got my iPad out, went on to It proceeded to download todays FT edition onto the tablet, and I was able to read the FT on the plane without requiring an internet connection. Try that with a normal laptop. Ever tried using a normal laptop on a plane even? I have, it's absolutely awful. Too heavy, the base just gets in the way.

Tablets are the future, deal with it.

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