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Microsoft "Microsoft and Perceptive Pixel Inc. (PPI) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Microsoft will acquire PPI, a recognized leader in research, development and production of large-scale, multi-touch display solutions." Yes, Jeff Han is now a Microsoft employee. This demo still amazes me - from 2006. Before the iPhone. Before Android. Before the iPad. Remember that the next time you wind up in a discussion about who supposedly invented what.
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I built one too!
by Alfman on Tue 10th Jul 2012 02:07 UTC
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I built a multi touch tracking panel, years ago now. There were actually tons of people building these, and it looked so easy I had to try for myself. Just take a pane of glass and put it in a frame full of LEDs on the sides...seal it up and touch the glass, now fingerprints will shine through. Place something partially opaque against the glass to project an image onto (some plastic bags can work, or thin paper). Now you've got a touch screen!

Note: They say to use IR so it doesn't interfere with visible light, but visible spectrum works never the less and could be filtered/tracked easily with a web cam.

One component I needed and couldn't afford was a video projector, I improvised with a cheap static photo projector just to prove the concept. I still have alot of ideas for MT applications on large surfaces. It looks like alot of multitouch work is being done in universities now.

I can't wait for cheap hardware to be available (something the size of a wall rather than a monitor). I predicted these interactive surfaces would start to show up everywhere in the public spaces, still hasn't happened yet as far as I know.

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