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Hardware, Embedded Systems Herb Sutter, a software architect from Microsoft, gave a speech yesterday at In-Stat/MDR's Fall Processor Forum. Addressing a crowd mostly consisting of hardware engineers, he talked about how the software world was ill-prepared to make use of the new multicore CPUs coming from Intel and AMD.
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Hey, can someone mod down this twitty troll? (I expect this comment will also be modded down as well, being mostly related to pointing out a troll)

Hey, 82.165.235.---, if you can't say anything that even hints that you read more than "MS" from the headline, why don't you go back and read so you can at least make a more pointed troll? If you had read the article at all, you'd realize that it was only circumstance that someone employed by Microsoft said a few important things that also relates to how your favorite pet (Linux) is no more immune from reality than what you hate (Microsoft and their products).

But no, being a typical mindless Linux troll that doesn't bother to recognize anything beyond Microsoft=ATTACK WITHOUT REASON for a response, I guess that's too much to ask ;)

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