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Internet & Networking "Twitter set off alarm bells across the web in recent weeks when it ended its partnership with LinkedIn and reiterated its warning that it would be cracking down on the terms of its API. The company didn't offer any explanation for why it removed tweets from LinkedIn, but speaking with sources familiar with the company's plans, The Verge has learned that major changes are coming in the next few months which will move Twitter from an open platform popular among independent developers towards a walled garden more akin to Facebook." If I can't use Boid, I'm not sure I would still use Twitter.
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by snowbender on Tue 10th Jul 2012 17:13 UTC
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If a service like Twitter was invented 20 years ago, it would have been a decentralized service with an open protocol. Everyone would be able to run his own twitter service and all those "twitter" servers would be able to communicate with each other.

These days every big company needs to have its own closed social network with its own proprietary protocols.

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