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Hardware, Embedded Systems Herb Sutter, a software architect from Microsoft, gave a speech yesterday at In-Stat/MDR's Fall Processor Forum. Addressing a crowd mostly consisting of hardware engineers, he talked about how the software world was ill-prepared to make use of the new multicore CPUs coming from Intel and AMD.
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by n4cer on Fri 28th Oct 2005 21:16 UTC in reply to "bah"
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Next question... does XP handle 4 or more cores sanely, without having to buy a "server" edition?

Yes it does. Windows is licensed based upon the physical CPU (not taking into account their VM licensing). Windows can tell the difference between virtual CPUs (i.e., hyperthreading or multiple cores) and the physical CPU that sits in the socket. XP Home is licensed for one physical CPU, but supports any number of virtual CPUs. Likewise, XP Pro is licensed for 2 physical CPUs with any number of virtual CPUs. This extends up through their server editions as well, Datacenter currently topping out at 128 physical CPUs (32 on x86).

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