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Legal "While the court referral has attracted the lion share of attention, my weekly technology law column reports that there is an alternate secret strategy in which Canada plays a key role. According to recently leaked documents, the EU plans to use the Canada - EU Trade Agreement, which is nearing its final stages of negotiation, as a backdoor mechanism to implement the ACTA provisions. The CETA IP chapter has already attracted attention due to EU pharmaceutical patent demands that could add billions to provincial health care costs, but the bigger story may be that the same chapter features a near word-for-word replica of ACTA." Democracy? Bah humbug!
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RE: You need help!
by StephenBeDoper on Wed 11th Jul 2012 14:50 UTC in reply to "You need help!"
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Secret deal. Martians, anal probing. Who knows?

I hope the generally honest people of Canada find the copy protected material is part of being civilized.

As we say in Canada, "WTF, eh?"

The only real differences between the Canadian and American copyright regimes are:

1) The "copyright collective"/media levy system. Basically the idea is that some degree of small-scale infringement is always going to occur no matter what, so a remedy is built into the system: a small levy is added to the cost of things like blank CDs, hard drives, MP3 players, etc. The funds go to an organization called (IIRC) Access Copyright, who then distributes it to professional writers, musicians, etc.

2) Partly as a result of the above, "private copying" is not generally something you can be prosecuted for in Canada - with "private copying" essentially meaning small-scale infringement that's not done for profit. The idea being that the system already has a built-in/preemptive remedy for small-scale infringement, so that we don't have to waste the resources of the court system for such trivial offenses.

So what part of that is uncivilized?

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