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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The only MeeGo device to ever be released, the Nokia N9, has been updated to MeeGo/Harmattan 1.3. Among the improvements are improved performance, updated applications, improved NFC support, improved copy/paste, and more. In other news, the team behind MeeGo and Maemo is now leaving Nokia, probably making this the last update for the N9.
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by zima on Wed 11th Jul 2012 23:59 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by shmerl"
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You really don't see how closely they can share description?...

Plus, you're thinking in terms of old ecosystems ...if they would make such difference nowadays, Nokia would be most likely successful as well with WinPhone, and wouldn't decline so much with mass-market feature phones.

Most telling that you again mention advertising - sure, Nokia had traditionally insane ad budgets, very "cute" commercials, but the returns from that were comparably poor (plus, ad agencies did most of heavy lifting anyway). Ads didn't help WebOS, too.

And yeah, Nokia appstore has big reach, great ...but otherwise it's, again, closer to what WebOS had when it comes to uptake. Nothing close even to the "failure" of WinPhone marketplace.

With IDE I was talking there in more general terms, noting how it doesn't seem to matter much (not like Maemo was very encouraging to devs, with its constant flux) - certainly didn't harm Android (despite some quirks of doing development there), and didn't help WP (despite fabulous dev experience) WRT success in the market.

Remember that in general QT ecosystem included Symbian who would cover low ends that WP (and Android) will not touch for a long time.
> The Android and iOS were (and are) a real danger (and that Nokia will go with the former), Meego was hardly on the radar.
Of course it's not, it haven't even started.

WTH? So first, you mention how there were prolonged efforts to establish Qt (not QuickTime) ecosystem, with its quite long support on Symbian and "solid" promise of smooth Meego transition in the future... (which BTW gave very meagre results, hardly any adoption - but of course you still beliebe that Meego would change everything, right?)
...but just below you manage to make a 180 degree turn and claim "it haven't even started" when it suits you?

Yeah, this is more the kind of magical thinking that I point out.

And BTW, it's a logical fallacy to defend it by pointing at possible separate instance, that of Elop (but if you really think his actions weren't mostly ~intentional ...then yeah, more of it)

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