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Windows Jeff Atwood: "In the post PC era, Microsoft is betting the company on Windows 8, desperately trying to serve two masters with one operating system. The traditional mouse and keyboard desktop is no longer the default; it is still there, but slightly hidden from view, as the realm of computer nuts, power users, and geeks. For everyone else, the Metro UI puts an all new, highly visual touch and tablet friendly face on the old beige Wintel box. Will Microsoft succeed? I'm not sure yet. But based on what I've seen so far of Windows 8, its pricing, and the new Surface hardware - I'm cautiously optimistic." So am I. However, a lot - and I mean a lot as in 'everything' - will depend on the quality of the Metro applications. So far, the quality has been utterly abysmal, both for first and third party ones. Microsoft is promising Metro application goodness for RTM, but I'll believe it when I see it.
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RE[7]: Post PC era? Really?!?
by Dr.Mabuse on Thu 12th Jul 2012 09:20 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Post PC era? Really?!?"
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I think placing an upper limit on speculation of that kind is arbitrary.

Do you have trouble making educated guessed about things before they happen? Do you just sit on the sidelines and let things happen to you? Is it not rational to make an educated guess about what might happen? (This is the fun part of posting on OSnews!!!)

A little example: Before the 2008 "global financial crisis" many people saw the problems with the world economy. These people were ignored or ridiculed. Smart people - people capable of bit of lateral thinking and not just following the herd - took their advice, got the hell out of the housing and other markets before it was too late.

There is a difference between the sort of speculation where you can "read between the lines" because you have enough experience with the subject matter at hand, and just wildly guessing about something you simply know little to nothing about.

I'd like to think that after being involved with computers for over a 1/4 century that I've got a rough idea of how things work and how many of the big players react to situations. It is just speculation? Of course, but there is nothing wrong with it, I did not intend trolling, but rather I added "my two bob" with the hope that someone, somewhere might get some value out of it.

Hence my original post ended with: "I guess only time will tell if I'm right..."

I believe that while Windows 8 will start the transition to depreciate Desktop apps,it won't be done for a few release cycles. Its hard to imagine Microsoft one day just breaking backwards compatibility.

Wait, is this speculation I am reading from you? Not "just the facts ma'am" ??? :-P

In all seriousness, if you had just responded with this, we could have saved ourselves two posts each because I actually somewhat agree with you here.

Where I differ in opinion is the pace at which Microsoft intend to break backwards compatibility. If Metro is in anyway a success, I expect things will move along rather rapidly. I think they are super keen on the "appstore" concept and they are desperate to move to this model because, well, just look at Apple's profitability!

The problem is, Microsoft is not Apple and cannot do things exactly the way Apple does and expect the same results. I wonder if by pushing Metro too hard, too fast they are in fact ignoring jewel in their crown (that is, IMHO, the traditional desktop interface) in the process hurting themselves, much like they did with Vista (say what you like I don't know many people who stuck it out with Vista, XP downgrades was a popular past-time.)

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