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Mac OS X Ars Technica is reporting that certain 64bit Mac models won't be able to run Mountain Lion. The problem is the graphic card drivers; these are still 32bit, and Apple is unwilling to update them to 64bit. A 64bit kernel can't load 32bit drivers, so that's that. Apple has a list of supported models on their Mountain Lion upgrade page, so you can easily check if your computer is capable of running Mountain Lion.
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RE[5]: No biggie
by Neolander on Thu 12th Jul 2012 20:51 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: No biggie"
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And I agree that one can defend Apple's weird EFI implementation with this argument, to some extent. But it kind of gives fuel to the OP's point that alternative OS development on the Mac is not just unsupported, but actively discouraged.

Though as another interpretation, which is arguably equally valid, Apple might also use their nonstandard firmwares as a form of hardware DRM. After all, if Macs just used plain standard UEFI, with a well-documented and predictable behaviour, nothing would prevent the hackintosh community from just running OSX on a PC with a similar configuration. There are plenty of UEFI-compatible mobos out there nowadays...

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