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Hardware, Embedded Systems Gartner has its figures for PC sales. Worldwide, Asus and Lenovo seeing lots of growth, Dell and HP losing lots of sales, Apple doesn't register in the top 5. Overall, the market remained flat. If you take a narrow view of the world and only focus on the US, things look different. In the US, everybody loses, and only Apple sees minor growth. All this excludes tablet sales, but considering people are hammering on and on and on about how it's a post-PC device, I think it makes sense to exclude it. You can't have your cake, and eat it too. Then again, who cares.
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Asus Transformer
by sherriffwoody on Fri 13th Jul 2012 03:02 UTC
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I got one of these for my bday a week ago. I'm quite impressed with it over previous versions of android on other tablets I've used. I rate it better than the iPad 3's we use at work. 15 hours battery life and keyboard rock. Overall wrapped with the device.

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