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Internet Explorer "It's never good to scare away your customers. It's even worse if you don't realize you're doing it. That was me. Like most folks in the developer community, it's been years since I last used Internet Explorer as my daily browser. Oh sure, we all keep copies around for web development work, but Firefox, Chrome, and Safari now rule the web roost. Unfortunately, that was not the case with the Blurity userbase." Wise lesson from Jeff Keacher.
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Comment by ssokolow
by ssokolow on Sat 14th Jul 2012 01:21 UTC
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That sort of thing is why, on sites with money involved, I try to borrow a Windows machine to interaction-test every link at least once per version of IE using IETester. (Or the better VirtualPC VHDs Microsoft offers, if the owner is OK with it)

If/when I get the non-POSIX compatibility on my non-web projects mature enough to release Windows binaries, I'll probably either find a way to bypass those warnings (eg. checking if a Zipped EXE passes through) or only offer source for projects written in languages like Python or put up a big notice saying that it costs money I don't have to shut up IE's safety warnings.

(Let naive users assume Microsoft is running some kind of protection racket for all I care. I only sell my time, not products of it which can be duplicated at no cost and were probably written for my own personal use anyway)

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