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Windows Ars Technica is running an interesting article about the Mail application on Windows 8. It's one of the first party Metro applications, and Ars' conclusion is that it's really, really not up to snuff - it can't even compare favourably to the mail application on Windows Phone. The sad thing is, however - this applies to virtually all Metro applications.
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Ha, ha.
by Verenkeitin on Sat 14th Jul 2012 10:36 UTC
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I see three possible reasons for those issues in Metro apps.

#1 Microsoft has clueless programmers and nobody checks their work. Stack ranking guarantees no-one competent will ever tell them how to do better.

#2 Microsoft's programmers have disincentives to do anything properly. If it compiles and works in the most trivial case, ship it. That's the agile way.

#3 Metro architecture is so screwed up it can't deal with multiple working threads. To be fixed in the next version of Windows.

Btw. Clicking to bring up tab bar to change tabs? Really?

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