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Windows Ars Technica is running an interesting article about the Mail application on Windows 8. It's one of the first party Metro applications, and Ars' conclusion is that it's really, really not up to snuff - it can't even compare favourably to the mail application on Windows Phone. The sad thing is, however - this applies to virtually all Metro applications.
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RE[2]: Comment by Luminair
by Neolander on Sat 14th Jul 2012 12:38 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Luminair"
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Some of the bundled Windows software does have some use, IMO...

-The file explorer. It's far from perfect but it does the job, especially when tweaked with Classic Shell to bring back the up button. And unlike the alternatives, it's free. Still a shadow of its former XP self, though, in my opinion.
-Paint did save my life from time to time when I couldn't install something else (locked-up PC).
-MSconfig and the "management console" (or whatever it's called in English) are great for turning off bloatware when removing them through a fresh install is not an option.
-While Notepad is pretty bad, Windows 7's Wordpad is decent. As an example, it does properly open text files from all OSs. It can also offer Abiword-like basic formatted text editing (which is sadly enough for many people, who have never learned how to get the most of a word processor).
-And the basic photo viewer and scanning tool do their job, sometimes better than the manufacturer-provided bloatware for the latter.

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