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Internet Explorer "It's never good to scare away your customers. It's even worse if you don't realize you're doing it. That was me. Like most folks in the developer community, it's been years since I last used Internet Explorer as my daily browser. Oh sure, we all keep copies around for web development work, but Firefox, Chrome, and Safari now rule the web roost. Unfortunately, that was not the case with the Blurity userbase." Wise lesson from Jeff Keacher.
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RE: So,
by WereCatf on Sat 14th Jul 2012 12:39 UTC in reply to "So,"
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Why would you develop a product for some browser that you prefer while the customers uses something else?

Did you even read the thing? His application has nothing to do with browser, it is a local executable. The only issue here is that IE thinks the installer is malicious, something the developer had to work around. His application itself works just fine and since the other browsers do not use the hair-brained SmartScreen-filter IE uses he didn't know of the issue.

Seems way out line, not professional and no need to say more about that (well, I would if you were employed by me).

If I were employed by you I'd quite likely be really desperate about finding a better job if you can't even grasp such an easy article as the one here.

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